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One Night Stand members Craig Morgan & Collette have been performing together for over 18 years.
A chance meeting transported them to Japan where their first gig began and unbeknown to themselves was the start of something quite special.
Over the last few years, this hard working duo have repeatedly been invited to perform numerous contracts at some of the finest hotels in Nagoya and Osaka as in-house artists. Along with working on the Windstar Cruise Line, this established them as a true international act.
Before this, other work included beer gardens, live houses and corporate functions throughout all the major cities.

On returning to UK they have been enjoying kicking up a storm at parties, golf clubs, restaurants and pubs.
A self contained duo, Collette is an accommodating, attractive good all round vocalist and Craig having an uncanny ability to turn his hand to almost anything to produce the best sound and visual experience possible. Attention is paid to the tiniest details and a solid duo has evolved from building on this theory.
A great combination of musical talent, unrelenting pursuit of quality laced with modernity and a youthful vibe, One Night Stand continue to love their work and wholeheartedly appreciate the response and moral support from the patrons that inspire them to carry on playing and singing night after night.

Why not book One Night Stand for your party, function or event.
An extensive repertoire spanning many decades, suitable for all occasions from acoustic lounge to a full on party night.
Fully self-contained high quality PA with lighting.
We can provide DJ styled playlists (appropriate to the occasion) in between sets if required.
A small band with a BIG sound.

Let’s have a great night!!

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WIndstar Cruises Compass Rose Entertainment
Compass Rose
WIndstar Cruises Compass Rose Entertainment
Compass Rose
WIndstar Cruises Compass Rose Entertainment
Compass Rose


One Night Stand Craig and Collette

Craig Morgan Wedding Pianist

One Night Stand Craig and Collette

9 to 5

All the lovers

Money Money Money

Am I Forgiven

Come Away With Me

Fool If You Think
References/Comments from previous employers
I was extremely satisfied with their great professionalism and irreproachable behaviour at all times. Their valued efforts have made our Lobby Lounge reputation continuously improved
Vincent J. Billiard, Director of Operations Ritz-Carlton Osaka
They always make efforts to delight our guests… Many of our regular patrons who come to the Lobby Lounge just enjoy their wonderful sound in an international atmosphere. I would have no problem in recommending "One Night Stand"
Mark Neukomm, GM Ritz-Carlton Osaka
They made good use of their resources and of availble technology… …although having performed for a considerable length of time in the same venue had kept their performance unique
Herman Ehrlich, GM Hilton Osaka
One Night Stand cover a wide range of music within their extensive repertoire and thier presentation has always been of excellent standard
Isao Yoshimura, F&B Hilton Nagoya
Their popularity has been a major contribution towards the great success of the venue. I have 100% faith in this duo delivering what is required
Hideya Miura, GM Budweiser Carnival



Please feel free to contact us about a booking or any of the services we can offer.

Call on: +44 (0)7986 248095

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